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"I was a business owner looking to expand on my salon, but I couldn't qualify for a loan due to my bad credit. After just months of starting with Reid Financial Solutions, I saw great results. Now I'm in the 700's and can get the loans I need!" - Tanisha from New Jersey

"After having my first child, my husband and I wanted to buy our first home, but our credit score was not where it needed to be. I signed up with Reid Financial and they got right to work. I am proud to say we closed on our home all thanks to the help of Clean Slate Credit Repair." - Kimberly from New York

"I was ready to give up and file for bankruptcy when I decided to contact Reid Financial. The knowledgeable associate encouraged me to get started. He was able to set up a plan to get my credit back on track. Within the first two months, my score had risen significantly. I now have the peace of mind I dreamed of." - Jennifer from Florida

"My car broke down and I needed a new one, but my credit was shot! I signed up for the Rapid fix program and within 2 months I was able to get my new car with no money down. Thanks Clean Slate!!"- Frank from Boston

"The service worked great for me. My scores went up over 100 points and I was able to get approved for my mortgage. Big Thank You to CLEAN SLATE CREDIT!"

"You guys did a great job with my credit. I just bought a new car with a good interest rate - no more 18% for me!"